CH Avalyn's El Cid, JC

Whelped: 4/15/02 - 8/13/14

Bred by: Lynne Bennett & Nancy G. Katsarelas

(CH Zimistraija Mozart Play For SV'Shin, JC, Fld. CH X CH Majenkir Avalyn Kitana, JC)
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Due to a kennel injury as a puppy, Cid's first time shown was 6/19/03 (14 months of age). He went RWD to a major!! 5/2/04 Cid goes WD, BOW, and BOB for his first point. At Holland Kennel Club 5/21/04 he goes WD and BOW for 2 more points. On 12/9/04 at Lorain County Kennel Club Cid picks up his first major (4 points) and goes on to win B.O.B. over 4 specials. This now gives him 12 points. At Detroit Kennel Club 3/19/05,(MBC supported show) Cid is WD for another 4 point major to FINISH!

Now on to lure coursing! Cid's first weekend of AKC lure coursing are on 5/7/05 & 5/8/05. He comes home with his JC, 2 qualifying scores toward his SC, and 5 points (with a 4 point major) towards his field champion and a BOB. Cid's next time out coursing is 9/17/05. He comes home with another 1st place this time for a 5 point major!! This now gives him 10 points with both majors and his third qualifying score toward his SC.

"Cid" pictured above on left, coursing against his brother "Evan" on 9/4/06. Photo by MI Paw Prints.

Owned by Lynne & Mike Bennett

Howell, MI

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