CH Avalyn Nakai The Magic Flute JC

Whelped: 4/15/02 - 7/3/13

Bred By: Lynne Bennett & Nancy G. Katsarelas

(CH Zimistraija Mozart Play For Sv'Shin, JC X CH Majenkir Avalyn Kitana, JC)
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Owned by Nancy G. Katsarelas & Lynne Bennett

Evan pictured above winning Best In Veterans Sweeps at Ann Arbor Kennel Club, an MBC Supported show 7/10/10 with Judge: Sherrie Bartel

All pictures above taken at the 2009 BCOA Nationals. Evan won the Veteran 7-9 years class.

"Evan" pictured above at a lure coursing practice.

"Evan" pictured above after receiving an AOM at the Midwest Borzoi Club Specialty March 17, 2006.

"Evan" pictured above finishing his championship at 19 months of age.


  • Evan goes WD, BOW, BOS for a 3 point major at his first show 11/23/02 under Judge Mrs. Michelle Billings.
  • Next day he's WD for another 2 points under Judge Mr. Pete Dawkins.
  • At his next show 1/18/03 Evan goes WD, BOW, BOS for 1 point, under breeder Judge Ms. Robin Riel. At this same show he takes a Puppy Hound Group I.


  • Evan goes WD for a 4 point major at Detroit Kennel Club, a BCOA Supported show 3/16/03 under breeder Judge Ms. Donna Maharan. The day before at the MBC Specialty he won both his sweeps and regular classes.
  • Evan was shown the weekend of the GTCBC Specialty 6/6/03,6/7/03 and 6/8/03. He won all his regular classes and both sweeps classes and on Sunday at the BCOA supported he was WD for another 3 point major!!

  • Only shown eight times this now gives him 13 points with three majors at 13 months of age.
  • Evan spent his first 17 months living and being shown under the loving hands of Terry Doane, Akeny, IA. Thank you Terry!!

    At the Ingham County Kennel Club 11/30/03 under Judge Mr. Edward Jenner.

    Only shown 11 times, Evan finishes with his fourth MAJOR!!

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