CH Majenkir My Faith Of Avalyn, SC

Whelped: 7/17/01-3/20/16

Bred by: Brenda Jean Malick

Copyright 2002-2099 Avalyn Manor

Faith's Photo Album

Faith pictured above 7/12/12, 5 days shy of her 11th Birthday. Photos by Stuart McGraw

Faith pictured above after going WB, BOW for her first major under Judge Mr. Frank Sabella at the Bucks County Kennel Club show 5/3/03. Faith took her second major 12/13/03, an MBC supported show under Judge Carol Spritzer. She now has 14 points with both majors. 4/10/04 Faith picks up 2 more point to finsh her chamionship!

Now on to lure coursing. Faith's first weekend of lure coursing are 5/7/05 & 5/8/05. She comes home with 2 qualifying scores toward her SC, and a 4 point major toward her field champion and a BOB. Faith goes lure coursing again 9/17/05 & 9/18/05 and picks up two more qaulifying scores to finish her SC title. She places 5th place both days.

  • Best Of Breed (WB,BOW,BOB Genesee Co. Kennel Club 5/18/03 under Judge Mr. Ralph Lemke)

  • Group 4 (WB, BOB her first points and on to a Group 4. Breed judge Norton Moore and Group judge Judy Webb)

  • Show Photo (Faith taking her second point under Judge Judy Webb @ Northeastern Indiana Kennel Club 3/23/03)

  • Show Photo (Faith pictured after winning her 6-9 month puppy class @ MBC 2002 Spring Speicalty. Judge: Graham Hill)

  • Show Photo (Faith after taking RWB to a 5 point major from 6-9 puppy class @ BCOA Supported show March 2002. Judge: Barbara O'Neill)

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