Dial Brighter


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Brighter's gorgeous head! Photo taken in 1975 when he was 2
We (Lynne & Mike Bennett) had Appaloosa horses before the Borzoi. Lynne started showing horses in 1971. Mike got involved in 1977 when we met. Brighter was our idea of a correct Appaloosa. He was not only a Halter champion but very versatile with ApHC (Appaloosa Horse Club) ROM's in Reining, Trail, Western & English Pleasure. GEAR Certificate of Versatility. He was successfully shown in Saddle Seat, Jumping, Barrel racing, and Dressage. He passed his conformation, versatility, and personality on to his get. We always wanted to breed one of our mares to Brighter, and was able to do that in 1981. The resulting filly was exactly what we planned for and as a yearling won her Futurity class. She went on to be successfully shown in performance classes. In 1983 Brighter was offered to us to buy and we jumped at the opportunity. He produced more successful get for us and others. Despite getting out of the horse business in 1990 we kept Brighter. We feel he deserves to live his days out in a loving, caring, and peaceful environment. He spends his days grazing in his 5 acre pasture with his goat pal "Amy Jo", and nights in his stall. We think he's looking great for 31 + years old. See picture below.

Brighter, photo taken 10/28/04 at 31 1/2 years strong. We are thrilled for every day we have with him.

Brighter with Amy Jo. Photo taken 9/12/03 at 30+ years old.
Amy Jo,(now 10 years old) Brighter's best friend.
Brighter photo taken 8/31/02 at 29 years old.
Filly born 5/99, sired by Brighter when he was 25 years old.
Brighter 2 years old

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