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2011 News and Website Updates:

  • 17 DEC 2011:Magnum wins First Award of Excellence & Best Bred By at the Eukanuba Nationals. New picture to follow. Sister Mandy makes the cut.
  • 18 NOV 2011:Simone is WB, BOW, AND BOB (over 6 Specials) to pick up her first major (4 points) at Dayton Kennel Club in Columbus, OH today.
  • 15 NOV 2011:Magnum is one of the five 2012 Westminster Breed Invitees
  • 11 NOV 2011:Magnum wins a Group 3 under Judge: Mrs. Robert Forsyth at Greater Muskegan Kennel Club in Kalamazoo, MI.
  • 02 NOV 2011:New pictures of Magnum and Simone are up
  • 01 NOV 2011:Two litters planned for January/February 2012
  • 20 OCT 2011:Magnum, Simone, and Blaze all qualify for the EUKANUBA NATIONALS
  • 02 OCT 2011:Magnum wins Breed. Simone is RWB & Best Bred By, and goes on to win 2nd in the Bred By Group.Brother Darcy picks up another point. He now just needs a major to finish his Championship! New picture to follow.
  • 01 OCT 2011:Simone is WB for 1 point.
  • 30 SEP 2011:Month of September, Magnum picks up 3 more Breeds.
  • 25 AUG 2011:New pictures of RJ and Magnum are up
  • 19 JUN 2011:"RJ" is WD, BOW for his 2nd major to finish his Championship at Echo Hills Kennel Club. THIS MAKES THIS AN "ALL" CHAMPION LITTER! Brother "Magnum" wins Breed.
  • 18 JUN 2011:"RJ" is WD & brother "Magnum" wins Breed at Echo Hills Kennel Club
  • 12 JUN 2011:"Magnum" win Breed & goes on to a Group 2 at McKinley Kennel Club.
  • 11 JUN 2011:"Magnum" is BOB at Mckinley Kennel Club.
  • 31 May 2011: "Magnum" is ranked 3rd All breed & #8 Breed.
  • 16 MAY 2011: "Magnum" wins BOB at Genesee County Kennel Club.
  • 15 MAY 2011: "Magnum" wins the Breed and goes on to a Group 2 at the Genesee County Kennel Club. Younger brother "Nick" Avalyn Nordic Nick is WD & BOW for another point.
  • 01 MAY 2011:GCH Avalyn's Magnum Force, "Magnum" wins BEST IN SHOW at the Progressive Kennel Club Of Wayne Co.
  • 30 APR 2011: Blaze is now CH Avalyn's Regal Trailblazer
  • 08 APR 2011:Avalyn Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken "Mira" makes it down to the final cut in her 12-18 month class and Avalyn Nakai Regal Enchantress "Simone" makes it down to the final cut in her Bred By class in regular judging.
  • 07 APR 2011:Avalyn Silver Dragan "Illya" makes it down to the final cut in his 12-18 month class in regular judging.
  • 06 APR 2011:Avalyn Silver Dragan "Illya" places 2nd and sister Avalyn Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken "Mira" places 2nd in their 12-15 month Sweeps classes.
  • 05 APR 2011:Avalyn Sabre Dance At Odyn "Sabre" places 2nd in hi 21-24 month Futurity class.
  • 05 APR 2011:Avalyn Draganheart "Lobo" places 4th in his 12-15 month Futurity class,shown by Tery Doane (thank you) . Lobo and his littermates turn a year old today!
  • 25 MAR 2011:New pictures of "Magnum" and "Nick" are up.
  • 05 MAR 2011:Magnum is BOB at Detroit Kennel Club. Blaze is WB for a point and now needs just one point to finish!
  • 23 JAN 2011: Avalyn Nordic Nick, Nick goes to his very first show and wins a 3 point major at the Oakland KC in Novi, MI. This is the second puppy from this litter to be pointed. Magnum wins the Breed. New pictures to follow.
  • 21 JAN 2011: Avalyn Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken, Mira is Best Puppy and goes on to a Group 2 in the Puppy Group at Livonia Kennel Club in Novi, MI today. Magnum wins the Breed again!
  • 20 JAN 2011:Avalyn's Regal Presence, R.J. picks up his first major at Livonia KC in Novi, MI. Shown by Barbara Danieli, this now gives him 12 points with 1 major. One more major to finish, this would make Eve's first litter an ALL CHAMPION litter! Magnum wins the Breed also.
  • 01 Jan 2011:New pictures are up for: ["Zeek"] ["Lobo"] ["Mira"]